Downloading and Disseminating Genomic Data

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The All of Us Research Program has developed a Data and Statistics Dissemination Policy that establishes what type of data can and cannot be downloaded or exported from the Researcher Workbench. With the introduction of genomic data to the Researcher Workbench, we would like to explain how the policy directly relates. 


Downloads of summary statistics without any row level data are allowed - an example would be a summary statistics file from a GWAS. While downloads are allowed, censoring of alleles would be necessary if these summary statistics are shared with others per our dissemination policies. This would include publication in a manuscript or even sharing with others in your research group who don't have access to the Workbench.


Since there are two alleles per person, allele counts of less than 40 must be represented as ">40". While not necessary, we encourage users to censor these alleles before downloading summary statistics to make it less likely they violate our dissemination policies. 


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