What reference are the variants called against for the genomic data?

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The array and short read whole genome sequencing (srWGS) variants are called against the hg38/GRCh38 reference. Below are locations of the public reference and auxiliary files:


The long read whole genome sequencing (lrWGS) variants are called against two references. grch38_noalt corresponds to the GRCh38 reference with no alternate sequences. T2Tv2.0 corresponds to the T2T-CHM13v2.0 reference, with the EBV contig added from the grch28_noalt reference.

  Array srWGS SNP & Indel srWGS SVs lrWGS
Reference version

hg38/GRCh38 reference

Note: variants are called originally with hg19 reference but they are lifted over before release on the researcher workbench

hg38/GRCh38 reference hg38/GRCh38 reference




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