Migration of v5 microarray VCF usage to a versioned manifest system

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Recently, the All Of Us Researcher Workbench switched over to a versioned system of CRAM, microarray VCF, and iDAT files. The old file locations have been replaced by a manifest file that points to a new pooled location for all of these file types.


This change has been applied to v6 files already, and will also be applied to v5 microarray VCF files within the next 30 days.


The change includes the following:

1. A new manifest.csv file will be added to the path: gs://fc-aou-datasets-controlled/v5/microarray/vcf/single_sample


The manifest will contain the following information: person_id,vcf_uri,vcf_index_uri

This manifest should include a row for every existing VCF file in v5 (i.e. every file in v5_base)


2. The microarray VCF files will now exist in 



3. The files in the old path will be deleted on 10/6/2022

If you have any questions regarding the changes outlined above, please contact our User Support team at support@researchallofus.org

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