How to Obtain a DURA with All of Us 

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Visit the Institutional Agreements Page on the public website.

  1. If your institution currently has an agreement that includes access to your preferred data tier, create an account using the link at the top of the webpage.
  2. If your institution does not have an agreement that includes access to your preferred data tier or requires individual agreements, submit a request using the link at the top of the webpage to indicate your interest. You will need to provide a contracting contact at your institution.


Wait for the agreement process to be completed.

  1. The agreement process is initiated with the provided contracting contact within two business days of receiving the request. 
  2. Once the documentation is provided to the contact, the length of time from initiation to execution of the agreement significantly varies. Our contracting official will follow up with the contracting contact provided every two weeks to remind the institution of the request.
  3. If the request is still in the agreement process, we will provide monthly updates to the requester. 
  4. If you have any additional questions regarding access request status, feel free to reach out to

Follow access instructions once the agreement is completed.

  1. If the signed agreement is returned to our contracting official, we will provide access instructions to the requester(s) within two business days. 

Follow up with contracting contact if agreement is closed.

  1. If the access request is closed by the contracting contact, we will let the requester(s) know within two business days.

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