How to Obtain a DURA with All of Us 

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Only researchers whose institutions have signed a Data Use and Registration Agreement (DURA) and who have verified their identity may access the All of Us Researcher Workbench’s Registered and Controlled Tiers. 


The steps below explain how to confirm your institution’s DURA status or obtain a DURA. 

1. Visit the Registered Institutions Page.

  • Check whether your institution is listed and what level of access it has.
  • If your institution is listed and has access to your preferred data tier(s) (Registered and/or Controlled), create an account.
  • If the institution is listed but does not have access to the Controlled Tier, you may request it by emailing
  • If your institution is not listed or requires individual agreements, submit a DURA request. You will need to provide the name of a signing official at your institution.



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2. Wait for the agreement process to be completed.

  • The agreement process is generally initiated with the institutional signing official within two business days of receiving the request.
  • Once the documentation is provided to the institutional signing official, the length of time from initiation to execution of the agreement can vary. The All of Us signing official will follow up with your institutional signing official every two weeks to remind the institution about the request.
  • While the request is in the agreement process, the All of Us Researcher Workbench Access Team will provide regular updates to the requester.
  • If you have any additional questions regarding the status of your DURA request, feel free to reach out to


3. Follow registration instructions after the agreement is completed.

  • After the DURA has been signed, the access team will provide registration instructions to the requester(s) within about two business days.
  • These steps include completing 2-step verification, verifying your identity, signing the Data User Code of Conduct, and completing the Responsible Conduct of Research training.

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