FAQs for Researcher Access

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Who do I list as my contracting contact in the access request form?

Typically signing officials include directors of research, sponsored programs, contracting, or technology transfer. We recommend asking a supervisor or administrator at your current institution to connect you with a higher level administrator that could facilitate a data use agreement on the institution’s behalf.


Who is the contact listed on the institutional agreements page?

On the agreements webpage, we have listed the monthly user reporting contact for each institution with a completed data use and registration agreement. This contact receives regular reports of the users currently in the workbench. 


How do I know where my agreement is in the contracting process?

If you have completed a request form on behalf of your institution, the access team will keep you updated regularly via email. If you have a question about the stage of your institution’s access request, you can always reach out to the access team. We will direct you to the contracting contact for your institution with whom you can email.


How do I know when my agreement is signed?

Our access team will email every researcher that submitted a request form to update them that the agreement with their institution has been executed. You will receive sign-in instructions as well. If you have not yet received the news that your agreement has been signed  and you have submitted a request form, we will still keep you updated regularly regarding the progress of your request.


Why is my access request still in the contracting process?

If your access request is still in process, this is likely due to the pace of your contracting office. Depending on the institution, agreements can take between a week to a year to complete. Since this is such a wide range, we recommend regularly contacting your contracting office to demonstrate interest in the All of us Researcher Workbench. Feel free to reach out to our access team if you have already completed a request form and your institution has not yet signed the agreement


Who do I contact if I have access related questions? (a button to contact us?)

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to aoudurasupport@vumc.org.


What All of Us features can I use while I wait for the agreement to be completed?

There is a public tier of data available that you can explore without an agreement. The Public Tier dataset contains only aggregate data with identifiers removed. These data are available to everyone through Data Snapshots and the Data Browser, an interactive tool on the Research Hub.


After my agreement is completed, how do I register for the Researcher Workbench?

Register as a researcher by creating an account at (https://workbench.researchallofus.org/login). You will receive an email with further instructions once you have completed your researcher profile. As part of the registration process, you will be required to complete several registration steps before accessing the Registered or Controlled Tier datasets. These steps include completing 2-step verification, verifying your identity through Login.gov, signing the Data User Code of Conduct, and finishing responsible conduct of research training.


What options do I have if Login.gov cannot verify my identity?

If you have a U.S. social security number, valid state-issued ID, and a cell phone account through a major cellular provider, but the Login.gov system was unable to verify your information, please reach out to our Help Desk team at support@researchallofus.org for more information about options to temporarily bypass the Login.gov requirement in your account.



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