August 2022 Release Notes

  • Updated

We have some exciting changes to announce from the past month! See the list below:

  • Updates
    • NEW version of the Researcher Demographic Survey has been released. Please complete this survey if you have not already.
    • User Support Hub is now publicly available on our website! You will no longer need to access the User Support Hub through the Researcher Workbench. All support articles and videos can be found on our website at Read more about the new changes here.
    • Batch Genomic Workflows configuration files are now automatically created. See the Cromwell and Nextflow Tutorial Workspaces to find instructions on how to use the new files.
  • Notebook Image Upgrade
    • Hail and pandas_profiling upgrade
    • SAIGE installed in default notebook image
    • IGV-Jupyter notebook extension pre-installed
  • Data Apps
    • Universal Search is now live
  • Bug Fix
    • New logout feature for Google accounts. You will only log out of your All of Us Researcher Workbench account instead of all Google accounts.

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