Types of Live Events for All of Us Researchers

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The Research Support team provides several types of live virtual events for researchers with different support needs, ranging from introductory to advanced users. Descriptions of these events are listed below, along with information about their intended audience. Event dates can be found in our All of Us calendar.


Please let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions about future Office Hour topics.


Tuesday Drop-in Q + A Office Hours

Overview: These sessions provide opportunities for registered Workbench researchers to have their questions answered in real time by our Research Support and Data Science Teams. Questions can be simple or very specific, and we try to answer them on a first come, first serve basis. Ideally, users will have relevant workspaces and notebooks running before joining the meeting. These meetings aren’t recorded to protect researcher and participant privacy.


Time and Dates: 1 pm CT weekly. Click here for our calendar schedule. Since these are meant for registered users, Zoom links are not publicly released and are shared via emails to active users. Alternatively, please contact us and we will provide the link once we verify you've completed the required training and signed the Data User Code of Conduct.

Target Audience: Users of any experience level, ranging from none to high.


New User Orientations

Overview: Designed to walk through the All of Us Research Program and provide introductory information about using the Researcher Workbench. There are often short tutorials demonstrating how to build cohorts, select data, and use Jupyter notebooks. Additionally, educational resources like the User Support Hub and Featured Workspaces are highlighted to inform researchers about how they can be effectively utilized. Questions are typically addressed via chat or at the end of the orientation. A sample New User Orientation can be found here.


Time and Dates: 1 pm CT; typically the first Friday of each month. Click here for Zoom registration. For a full list of upcoming dates, click here


Target Audience: Those with little or no experience with the Researcher Workbench.


Friday Office Hours

Overview: These are usually about specific topics related to the All of Us dataset or the Researcher Workbench. These are recorded so they can be viewed by those unable to attend. Some past topics include “Controlled Tier Introduction”, “Working with COPE Survey Data”, and “Tips for Wrangling All of Us Data”. Q and A sessions are sometimes held, though this is infrequent. Questions related to the specified topic are encouraged, and we will also address other questions if time is available. Past recorded Office Hour sessions can be found in the Videos category and on our YouTube page.


Time and Dates: 1 pm CT; typically every other Friday. Click here for Zoom registration. For a full list of upcoming dates with planned speakers (when known), click here


Target Audience: Users of any experience level



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