Curated Data Repository (CDR) Release Notes: June 2022 (2022Q2R2 v6 CDRs)

The All of Us Research Program released new Curated Data Repositories (CDRs) for Registered and Controlled Tier Data. The CDRs for both tiers will now include participant data with a cutoff date of 1/1/2022. Major changes are listed below.


Overview of Registered Tier (RT) changes

  • Participant number increased to over 366,000 with at least one type of associated Registered Tier data
  • Refreshed Wearables and EHR data
  • Updated to the newest version of the OMOP data model (OMOP v5.3.1)
  • Added 3 new COVID-19 Minute Surveys
  • Added a new Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Survey


Overview of Controlled Tier (CT) changes

Along with the RT changes listed above, additional changes include: 

  • Participant number increased to over 369,000 with at least one type of associated Controlled Tier data
  • Updated variant call files (VCFs), Intensity Data files (IDATs), Hail MatrixTable, & PLINK BED file for 165,127 Array samples 
  • Updated VCFs and Hail MT for 98,590k samples in WGS joint callsets
  • Introduced CRAM files for WGS samples 
  • Updated genomic data auxiliary, QC, and annotation files 


For detailed information regarding the CDR changes, please see the full release notes documents:


RT CDR Full Release Notes

CT CDR Full Release Notes

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