Curated Data Repository (CDR) Release Notes: June 2022 (2022Q2R2 v6 CDRs)

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The All of Us Research Program released new Curated Data Repositories (CDRs) for Registered and Controlled Tier Data. The CDRs for both tiers will now include participant data with a cutoff date of 1/1/2022. Major changes are listed below.


Overview of Registered Tier (RT) changes

  • Participant number increased to over 366,000 with at least one type of associated Registered Tier data
  • Refreshed Wearables and EHR data
  • Updated to the newest version of the OMOP data model (OMOP v5.3.1)
  • Added 3 new COVID-19 Minute Surveys
  • Added a new Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Survey


Overview of Controlled Tier (CT) changes

Along with the RT changes listed above, additional changes include: 

  • Participant number increased to over 369,000 with at least one type of associated Controlled Tier data
  • Updated variant call files (VCFs), Intensity Data files (IDATs), Hail MatrixTable, & PLINK BED file for 165,127 Array samples 
  • Updated VCFs and Hail MT for 98,590k samples in WGS joint callsets
  • Introduced CRAM files for WGS samples 
  • Updated genomic data auxiliary, QC, and annotation files 


For detailed information regarding the CDR changes, please see the full release notes documents:


RT CDR Full Release Notes

CT CDR Full Release Notes

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