June 2022 Data Refresh Development Release Notes

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On June 23, 2022, the All of Us team released refreshed data (All of Us Dataset v6) containing more recent participant data (cutoff date of 1/1/2022), data from two new surveys, and additional genomic data file types (detailed below). This refresh is part of our commitment to updating available data to reflect the continued growth of the All of Us Research Program.


In this data refresh, we

  • Updated to a more recent version of the OMOP data model (OMOP v5.3.1)
  • Added 3 new COVID-19 Minute Surveys
  • Added a new Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Survey
  • Updated VCFs, IDATs, Hail MT, and PLINK for 165,127 Array samples 
  • Updated VCFs and Hail MT 98,590k samples in WGS joint callsets
  • Introduced CRAM files for WGS samples 
  • Updated genomic data auxiliary, QC, and annotation files 


As you take a look at the fresh data, you may also find a few more updates! The Researcher Workbench team has been hard at work updating Terms of Service, the Data User Code of Conduct, and making workspace and tool enhancements based on your feedback. Please see the list below for examples of updates we have made since March 2022.


General Updates:

  • Added new Terms of Service and Data User Code of Conduct
  • Added reattachable persistent disk support
  • Updated VCF extraction status view in the genomic extraction section of side menu 
  • Added device data to Concept Set and Dataset Builder
  • Set BigQuery daily quota at 40 TB/project/day to help prevent accidental overspend


As always, please contact support@researchallofus.org if you have any questions or concerns with our most recent changes. Thank you for your support and continued research with the All of Us Researcher Workbench. 

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