What is the All of Us Research Program’s process for translating survey materials into Spanish?

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All of Us uses a multi-stage translation process to review all survey questions, including a primary translation, a secondary validation, and proofreading. Primary translation is done in-house by one of two full-time translators, though we used a vendor to translate earlier surveys. The program often relies on previously validated measures for our surveys. If a translation exists for a previously validated measure, we use that as our primary translation for that item. The program’s Spanish Committee conducts secondary validation of all survey translations. This group --  made up of roughly 20 volunteers from across the program who have experience in translation and public health, health research, or genomics -- meets twice weekly as needed to review translations and ensure readability. Surveys are then sent to a proofreader to minimize errors or typos that might occur during the validation or reconciliation process. Once translated, we do cognitive testing in English and Spanish on all surveys to ensure comprehension by our audiences.

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