Overall Health: Baseline Survey Details and Resources

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Survey Design

The All of Us Research Program Overall Health survey captures information about general health topics including daily activities, physical and mental health, and women’s reproductive health. The survey includes a total of 24 items (17 main items and 7 related follow-ups) items from the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) Global Health, the Brief Health Literacy Screen (BHLS), and the California’s Teacher Study among others.


Scoring Considerations for the Overall Health Survey

The Overall Health survey is composed of items from various sources so can not be scored as a whole. The survey does, however, include the full set of items from several scales that can be scored on their own. These include the Brief Health Literacy Screen (BHLS), PROMIS Mental Health, and PROMIS Physical Health scales. For more information, please see the external BHLS and PROMIS resources as well as the How to Work with All of Us Survey Data featured workspace notebook on scoring examples.  

Sample Eligibility

The survey is considered a “baseline” program activity and is available to all All of Us participants following completion of the Basics survey. For more information about survey samples and releases, please see Introduction to All of Us Survey Collection and Data Transformation Methods.

Data Model & Privacy Protection Considerations

All survey codebook variables (e.g., source codes) are deposited into the OMOP Common Data Model’s observation table and stored as concepts in an AoU specific “PPI” vocabulary. This vocabulary is both browsable and downloadable via Athena, the online OMOP repository - for a listing of concepts specific to the Overall Health survey, please see this Athena entry. 

Note about data integrity:

  • The question "In general, how would you rate your mental health, including your mood and your ability to think?" (concept code 40764341) has two OMOP concept codes indicating “excellent” due to an isolated historical survey configuration issue that has since been resolved. For this question, researchers should select both answer concept codes of 903626 and 1585730 to get the full selection of participants who indicated “excellent.

Select items from the Overall Health survey have been either suppressed or generalized within the Registered and Controlled Tiers. Please see below for these specifics, which are also captured in the All of Us survey codebook and How All of Us Protects Participant Privacy


Registered and Controlled Tier Privacy Considerations for the Overall Health Survey

Data Element

Registered Tier

Controlled Tier

Free text fields (Concept IDs: 596878, 596879, 903065)



Age of surgery (Concept ID: 1585795)

As Collected 

As Collected

Date of _____ transplant (Concept IDs: 836863, 836864, 836865, 836866, 836867, 836867, 836868, 836862, 836862, 836869, 836869, 836870, 836871, 836872,836873, 836861)

Date Shifted

As Collected


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