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Workspace Bucket

The All of Us Researcher Workbench is a cloud application. Each workspace has a permanent storage area called the “workspace bucket.” Notebooks are loaded in an ephemeral virtual machine and are synced to the “workspace bucket.” Researchers can also use the workspace bucket to save files needed for analysis, see this article for more details. The workspace bucket is attached to your workspace, if you delete the workspace, you delete the bucket. If you share the workspace with your colleagues, you will share the workspace bucket.


Bucket files can be shared between your workspaces as long as they share the same data access tier level. For more information, please see this article.


Standard Disk

A standard disk is created and deleted with your cloud environment. If you are not using the Persistent Disk feature, all files and outputs will automatically be saved to the Standard Disk. For persistent storage, copy files to your workspace bucket.

NOTE: All files stored in the Standard Disk are deleted when your environment is terminated. Environments are terminated after two weeks from creation or one week of non-activity.


Detachable Persistent Disk

The persistent disk (PD) storage is part of your VM that can be detached and reattached to the Cloud Environment VM (like a USB drive) when you recreate it. If you need to update your VM with new software or delete it for different use-cases across workspaces, your PD allows you to save files for later use. Because it's part of your VM, the persistent disk is also personal to you, the researcher; nobody else has access to it and it is not shareable. The PD is also specific to the individual workspace. A reattachable disk is saved even when your compute environment is deleted. This incurs storage costs even when you aren't using the workbench.

We offer two types of reattachable persistent disks, a standard persistent disk and a solid state-drive (SSD) persistent disk. You can learn more about the disk types here:

Dataproc exception: If you have an existing disk, you can reattach it to a new Standard VM environment. Note that Dataproc clusters do not support reattachable disks. For more information regarding Persistent Disk, see this article.

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