Can I share my Controlled Tier workspace with someone who does not have access to the Controlled Tier?

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No. You can only share workspaces utilizing the Controlled Tier dataset with users who are approved to access the Controlled Tier dataset. To gain access to the Controlled Tier dataset, the researcher’s institution needs to have an Institutional Data User Agreement with Controlled Tier rider on file, provisioning access to that specific tier. 

The table listed on our Institutional Agreements page of the Research Hub is where researchers can identify if their institution allows for Controlled Tier access.  The orange icon with a ‘C’ next to an institution’s name indicates that the Controlled Tier can be accessed by researchers covered under that agreement (some additional requirements as assessed by the individual institutions may apply).  Please submit a request, if your institution has not signed one and you would like access. 

More detailed information on how to access the Controlled Tier can be found here.

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