March 31-April 1, 2022: All of Us Researchers Convention - The Importance of Diversity in Data

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What happens to health data once it’s been collected? If you’ve ever wondered how information collected by the All of Us Research Program is used by researchers, you should attend the All of Us Researchers Convention on March 31 - April 1, 2022

During the convention, a diverse group of researchers will showcase the work they’ve done using All of Us data and tools. The online event will allow researchers at various points in their educational and professional careers to speak about their projects across two separate but linked events. 

The first day of the convention (March 31) is dedicated to the Minority Student Research Symposium (MSRS), where students of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, disabilities, and other diverse backgrounds will present research conducted using tools from the All of Us data set. This event was launched in 2020 to provide an avenue for young researchers from groups underrepresented in the research workforce to address the health issues that directly impact their communities. Not only do MSRS participants get to show how real-world data can be used to advance research, they also have an opportunity to develop critical skills through a Professional Development Series featuring numerous activities to help support their pursuit of a career within the field.

Science Day will be held on the second day of the convention (April 1). The agenda will expand the focus of the convention to include professional researchers, who will discuss their research through panel discussions. The event provides a platform for researchers to directly share their discoveries with colleagues and an array of stakeholders who share their dedication to inclusion and diversity in research. The transparent, open discussion on this day supports the program's focus on accountability and building trust with underrepresented participant and researcher populations, and the goal of sparking collaboration through information sharing. 

In addition to connecting directly with a community of fellow researchers, advocates, and health care professionals, the Researchers Convention is a unique opportunity for the public to learn more about the promise and potential of the All of Us Research Program.

Without the involvement of a diverse participant community, the Researchers Convention would not be possible. Participants power this research by stepping up to be included where they have previously been left out. If you are already a partner, the convention is a chance for you to hear first hand how your information is being used. If you’re considering joining the All of Us Research Program, you can learn more about All of Us and how the program is building a database to help transform the future of health research. Register for the Researchers Convention here!

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