All of Us Survey Codebooks

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All of Us survey questions and answers are transformed into structural survey metadata and stored and transmitted from the online Participant Portals to the All of Us Data and Research Center’s Raw Data Repository via an artifact referred to as a “survey codebook.” Survey codebooks are created using REDCap data dictionary format and contain not only survey content, but also assigned variables (e.g., codes), branching logic, and field validation rules. Besides serving as the codebook from survey data collection and transmission, resulting REDCap data dictionary artifacts are also made available through the REDCap Consortium’s Shared Library for reuse in other studies and codebook variables (e.g., source codes) are deposited into the OMOP Common Data Model’s observation table and stored as an AoU specific “PPI” vocabulary

The All of Us Survey Codebooks are packaged to contain information for all fielded All of Us surveys currently available for research use within the Registered and Controlled Tier CDRs. Each tab of the document represents a separate survey instrument or series and includes the information referenced above as well as Registered and Controlled Tier-specific privacy rules applied to select items. 


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