What are initial credits?

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During the beta phase, the All of Us Research Program will offer $300 in initial credits for each registered user in the Researcher Workbench. This will help pay for preliminary storage and computational needs for the user’s research as they begin using the workbench.  Some additional considerations regarding the initial credits are below:

  • Initial credits usage is always accounted to the original creator (owner) of a workspace.
  • Once initial credits are exhausted for a user, any workspaces tied to their initial credits will enter a billing deactivated state, where analysis environment features are disabled.
  • To resume analysis in these workspaces, you will need to create or add your own Google Billing Account to your workspace. 
    • For assistance in setting up a Google Billing Account, please review this article, or when starting the account creation process, you can choose for our third party vendor, Carahsoft, to assist you with account set up (a pop-up window will appear with this option at the start of account creation).
  • While initial credits are selected for a workspace, some cost restrictions will be enforced on cloud environment configuration.

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