What data or figures can I download in compliance with the Data Use Agreement?

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As outlined in the Data Use Code of Conduct, you cannot make copies of or download any participant-level data from the All of Us Research Program environment. Aggregate statistics that are more granular than buckets of 20 individuals may not be distributed or published without approval from the All of Us Research Program.

We highly recommend that any downloaded data table, chart or figure should have summary counts of at least 20 so you don't later violate our Data and Dissemination PolicyFor example, a count of 5 or 9 should be rounded up to 20; however, a count of 35 can stay as 35. This helps us protect participants from the risk of re-identification.


Please review our All of Us Research Program Data and Statistics Dissemination Policy, All of Us Research Program Publication and Presentation Policy, Data User Code of Conduct and Egress Alert Policy for further information.

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