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Access to the All of Us Researcher Workbench is free, but because data analysis occurs in the Google Cloud environment, we do require you to pay for your own compute time after all of your initial credits have been used. During Beta, each registered researcher receives $300 in initial billing credits to help pay for preliminary storage and computational costs acquired while running analyses in notebooks. If you expend all of your initial credits, please refer to this article to learn how you can create a billing account to link to your Researcher Workbench account so you can continue your research.

The specific cost of each workspace will depend on the amount of compute needed to perform your unique analysis. Below are several Featured Workspaces and total cost spent over the lifetime of that workspace (rounded to the nearest dollar), including development and testing, to get a better idea of what your project may cost.


Type of Featured Workspace Workspace Name Cost
Phenotype Library Ischemic Heart Disease Phenotype $27
Phenotype Library Dementia Phenotype $38
Phenotype Library Depression Phenotype $8
Phenotype Library Type 2 Diabetes Phenotype $11
Phenotype Library

Breast Cancer Phenotype


Demonstration Project

Cardiovascular Risk Scoring


Demonstration Project Medication Sequencing $18
Demonstration Project PheWAS Smoking



Tier & Data Type Workspace Details Cost
Genomic Data (Controlled Tier) LDL Cholesterol GWAS
Size of Analysis
39,924 participants
3.4M variants
Computing Environment
Main node: 16 CPUs, 104GB RAM, 100GB Disk
(just cost of running)
Genomic Data (Controlled Tier) PheWas x GWAS
Size of Analysis
~70k participants
~5k variants
Computing Environment
Main node: 96 CPUs, 360GB RAM, 120GB Disk
~$35(not including variant filter step)
Genomics Data (Controlled Tier)

03_Manipulate Hail VariantDataset (VDS) Tutorial Notebook

Size of analysis

Filter the whole VDS to 124 variants and 15375 samples and write to various file formats (VCF, BGEN files, PLINK BED, Hail MatrixTable)

Computing Environment

Main node: 4CPUs, 15GB RAM, 100 GB Disk

Workers (50/50): 4CPUs, 15GB RAM, 150GB Disk

Notebook link here


($16.86/hr, ~1.5hr)

Fitbit and EHR data (Registered Tier v5)

Wearables & The Human Phenome

Size of Analysis

214,206 participants with EHR data

~50.6 Billion steps data from Fitbit

Computing Environment

Main node: 4 CPUs, 15GB RAM, 120GB Disk



~ $25 


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