Reviewing participants: how to conduct a cohort review

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After building and saving a cohort, you will be asked if you would like to create a review set to view row-level data and add notes and annotations. This is optional - you are not required to do a review. This feature allows you to select a subset of your cohort and verify that the criteria you chose for inclusion/exclusion produced the resulting participant population you expected.

For example, if you build a cohort of participants that have two mentions of the condition recurrent major depression between 30 and 180 days, you can look participant by participant to verify that they have the condition recurrent major depression during a specific date range (remember that all dates are shifted by the same amount across a patient record).

Creating a Review Set

  • After you have created a cohort, you will have the options to either "Create another Cohort," "Create Review Sets, or "Create a Dataset."
  • If you would like to review your newly created cohort, click on "CREATE REVIEW SETS" to start.


  • Next, you will be asked to enter the number of participants you would like to review. 
  • After you have entered the number of participants, click "CREATE SET" to see your review set.



Reviewing a Cohort

  • Your review set will display the selected number of participants in rows. 
  • Note: Participant ID and Date of Birth have been blurred in the image below, but that information will be available in your review set.


  • To review an individual participant, double-click on the participant of interest.
  • Here, you will see and can review the available data within the participant's record.
  • Note: Participant ID has been blurred in the image below, but that information will be available in your review set.



  • Within your review set, you have the ability to mark individual records and make annotations after reviewing.
  • To begin annotating a file, click on the notepad Picture5.png in the top right of your screen
  • Note: Participant ID and DOB have been blurred in the image below, but that information will be available in your review set.
  • When you click Picture7.png you will see information about the participant (ID, DOB, gender, race, ethnicity, and deceased status). 
  • Under "Participant Status" you have the options to mark that participant as "Excluded," "Included," or "Needs Further Review" depending on whether that participant meets all of your criteria. 


  • You can also add review-wide annotations by clicking on the Picture9.png next to "Annotations"
  • In the drop-down menu, you can select the type of annotation you would like to make. Annotations allow you to add an explanation (free text), date, number (numeric field), selection from a specified list (drop-down list), or checkbox to each participant record.
  • Click "CREATE" to leave your annotation in your review set. 



You can also learn how to conduct a cohort review using the following video:


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