Introduction to the All of Us Researcher Workbench

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Welcome to the All of Us Researcher Workbench!


The Researcher Workbench is the secure data analysis platform where you can access and analyze the All of Us data. Within the Researcher Workbench, you will find workspaces and a User Support Hub.

A workspace is where you will build and analyze your dataset. In a workspace, you can select participants based on specified criteria using the Cohort Builder tool. Another tool, the Dataset Builder, allows you to select the variables and values of interest (concepts) that you are interested in researching in your cohort. You can then save and export your dataset to a notebook to begin analysis. Resources to help you with our tools and analysis can be found throughout the User Support section of the Researcher Workbench. This includes "Featured Workspaces" that were created to assist you in learning about the All of Us dataset and data analysis tools.

In the User Support Hub, you will find articles to help guide you through your data analysis journey, additional documents and links to resources to provide a more comprehensive look into the All of Us dataset and how to use it, as well as a place to submit questions that can be answered by experts in the program.


*Note: if you are idle for too long within the Researcher Workbench, you will get signed out of your google accounts. If you have multiple Researcher Workbench tabs open, you only need to maintain activity in one to remain signed in.  


Below are two videos to walk you through the Researcher Workbench and the User Support Hub! 




If you would like to access more information about the All of Us Research Program, please visit and the following sites for more information about the program protocol (, privacy and security framework ( and core values (



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