[Attn Workbench users] CDR project change for new workspaces

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Good Afternoon,

Note: this message is informational only. No immediate action is required unless you encounter the unexpected error below.

As part of the Workbench data exfiltration prevention work, the latest BigQuery CDR will be copied to a new location.

Old CDR location: aou-res-curation-output-prod

New CDR location: fc-aou-cdr-prod

As of Thursday (8/29), all newly created or cloned workspaces will reference the new location. Existing workspaces will continue to reference the old location (and should continue to work). This divergence between old and new workspaces is temporary.

We expect most users will not encounter any errors, since new workspaces will reference the correct location by default. However, notebook files copied between old and new workspaces (for example, when cloning a workspace) may contain stale references to the incorrect CDR location, causing a BigQuery error.

What to look for:

If your workspace is referencing the wrong location, you should see an error message like “VPC Service Controls: Request is prohibited by organization’s policy”.

How to fix a stale reference:

Replace all occurrences of “aou-res-curation-output-prod” with “fc-aou-cdr-prod” and try running the query again. If errors persist after replacing these references, please contact the support team using the Help Desk widget or the #workbench-beta Slack channel.

Within the next few weeks we will send out additional details about the migration of all existing workspaces to use the new CDR project. This should fix this temporary error.


The All of Us Research Support team

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