February 2024 Product Release Notes

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We have a few updates to share from the past two months. Please see the list below for information about these updates:


Researcher Workbench Features:

  • Jupyter Image Upgrade - We recently upgraded our Jupyter image with upgrades from Python 3.7 to Python 3.10, and Hail to 0.2.126. To learn more about this image upgrade please see here
  • Hotfix to Variant Annotation Table - we released a hotfix to the All of Us v7 Variant Annotation Table (VAT). Please see this support article to learn more. 
  • Java upgraded to 17
  • Variant Search in the Cohort Builder - We have added a new variant search feature in the Cohort Builder in which you can select all participants with Structural Variant data or select participants with SNP/Indel Variants. To learn more, see this support article here: Variant Search within the Cohort Builder

Variant search.png

Figure 1 -- This image displays how to access the two variant search options within the Cohort Builder on the Researcher Workbench. The Cohort Builder can be select within the "Data" tab of workspace. 


Bug Fixes

  • Temporal Feature Toggle - there was a bug with the value input field for ‘X or more days after’, ‘X or more days before’ or ‘On or within X days of’ in which an app error occurred every 2 API calls on the group count call. This has been resolved. 
  • Persistent disk deletion - users were unable to delete persistent disk when their initial credits were exhausted. You can now delete PDs even if you have run out of credits. 
  • App deletion with workspace deletion - If users had a workspace with running apps, the workspace could not be deleted without deleting any user created runtimes. This has been resolved. Apps will now delete upon workspace deletion. 
  • Environment deletion - we now support runtime deletion from paused, running, or error states. 



As always, please contact support@researchallofus.org if you have any questions or concerns with our most recent changes. Thank you for your support of the All of Us Research Program and Researcher Workbench!


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