October 2023 Product Release Notes

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We have a few updates to share from the past two months. Please see the list below for information about these updates:

Researcher Workbench Features:

  • New Features in the Cohort Builder - We have added a two fold feature to the Cohort Builder: “Concept Set” and “Concept Quick Add.” The “Concept Set” feature allows you to add concepts and create a concept set to then add to your cohort. The “Concept Quick Add” feature allows you to add concepts based on concept ID. 
  • The Researcher Workbench team released updates to the short-read WGS (srWGS) smaller callsets to improve usability and to add missing variants (8%) to the ACAF callset.You can read more about these changes here


Bug Fixes

  • Re-attaching Persistent Disk (PD) - when attempting to re-attach a PD to a new runtime, some users are unable to create a new runtime. This has been resolved. 
  • Temporal Feature - there was an issue with accessing the temporal feature of the Cohort Builder for the exclusion criteria. This has been resolved.



As always, please contact support@researchallofus.org if you have any questions or concerns with our most recent changes. Thank you for your support of the All of Us Research Program and Researcher Workbench!

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