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This article contains all the information users may require to follow along for the introductory genomics workshop hosted on July 12th and July 13th by our research support team.




This video demonstrates how to perform a GWAS on the Researcher Workbench. It involves 4 exercises: duplicating the workspace, examining genomic data, extracting phenotypic data, and then performing the GWAS. This is a recording of a 2-day virtual genomics workshop our support team hosted in July 2023 that has been edited for time and clarity. Time stamps of different sections are listed below. In addition to being a useful resource about genomic data, it's a great introduction for new users who want to learn how to use the Cohort and Dataset Builders (exercise 3).


Day 1 Intro 0:00

AoU Project Overview 6:35

Platform Tour 16:55

Exercise 1 - Duplicating a Featured Workspace 22:40

Cloud Environments 32:00

Exploring Genomic Data 45:00

Exercise 2 - Examining Genomic Data 52:10

GWAS Overview 57:40

Exercise 3 - Extracting Phenotypic Data using the Cohort and Dataset Builders 1:02:30

Day 2 Intro and Other Genomic Data Types and the VAT 1:20:15

Exercise 2 Recap 1:28:40

Exercise 3 Recap 1:41:25

Exercise 4 - Runing a GWAS 1:49:35

Day 2 Wrap up 2:17:00

Q+A (also questions from Day 1) 2:23:40


Here are slides that you can use to go along with the presenters:


Next are slides with exercise question and answers: 


Here's a link to the corresponding featured workspace used for the workshop (requires login):


Below are links to the additional resources mentioned at the end of the workshop:

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