Why is my email getting an error when creating an account?

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When creating an account on the Researcher Workbench, researchers are prompted to affiliate themselves with an institution and provide an institutional email address. Sometimes, a researcher will provide their email address and a note in red font will appear, indicating that the researcher does not have an acceptable institutional email domain.

When signing a data use and registration agreement (DURA), each institution provides the All of Us Access Team with a registration form containing accepted email domains under the agreement. These accepted email domains must be unique to the institution. The aim of collecting accepted email domains is to ensure that only those researchers who are affiliated with the institution can gain access under their institution’s DURA.


In the screenshot above, the researcher provided an email address with “@vumc.net” as their email domain while affiliating themselves with Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC). Under the VUMC agreement, “@vumc.org” is the only accepted email domain. Because “@vumc.net” is not a currently accepted email domain under the VUMC agreement, the researcher will not be able to move forward with access.


If you provide an email address during registration and receive the note described, “your email does not match your institution”, first check that your email domain is unique to your institution and is spelled correctly. If the email domain is unique to the institution and is spelled correctly, please reach out to the Research Support Team at support@researchallofus.org. The Research Support Team will provide you with further steps to request an additional email domain be added to your institution’s registration form.

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