How do I switch my Researcher Workbench account from one institution to another?

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Researchers may move on to study or work with other institutions while still analyzing data in the Researcher Workbench. Any researcher that needs to update their institutional affiliation in the Researcher Workbench can do so by contacting the Research Support Team at However, before requesting to change their institutional affiliation,  they should follow the steps below.


1. Researchers should be sure the colleagues that share any workspaces with them have what they need to continue their analysis.

a. If simply changing institutions, workspaces can continue being shared with colleagues from other institutions. However, researcher accounts may be disabled by their former institution’s contact when the researcher is leaving the institution. If the researcher’s account is disabled, the workspaces that they own will be inaccessible until they establish affiliation with another institution in the Researcher Workbench. Therefore, researchers should encourage their colleagues to copy the workspace(s) they own as needed, if they would like their colleagues to continue analysis. Alternatively, prior to leaving an institution, a researcher may work with their team to designate a co-owner of the workspace.


2. Researchers should check if their new institution is listed on the Research Hub’s Institutional Agreements page. If their institution is not listed, they can request access on behalf of their institution via the DURA request form.

a. Researchers should be aware that if they have access to the Registered and Controlled Tiers at their former institution, it does not guarantee they have access to both tiers at their new institution. 

b. Some institutions may require further approval prior to providing access to researchers during the registration process. Since those who want to change institutional affiliations are already registered researchers, they may be required to complete further steps for their new institution prior to regaining full access.


3. Once researchers have confirmed their new institution has signed an agreement on behalf of their researchers, they can reach out to the All of Us Research Support Team at to ask for a change in institutional affiliation on the Researcher Workbench.

a. The Research Support Team will need the name of the new institution, the researcher’s new institutional email address, and their new role to update your account.


4. Finally, researchers can reach out to one of the institutional contacts (found on the Institutional Agreements page) from their former institution and let them know that they are no longer associated with their former institution.

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