June 2023 Product Release Notes

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We have some exciting updates to share from the past two months! Please see the list below for information about these updates.  

Cohort Builder/Dataset Builder Updates (Data Apps):

  • Support for Concept Sets during Cohort Creation: We have added updates to the Cohort Builder which allows you to save a concept set and use it in cohorts without selecting each item individually repeatedly. An additional option allows you to quickly add by concept ID. If you know the codes of the variables needed, you can directly enter the id or multiple ids. This can be within one domain or across domains. 

Researcher Workbench Features: 

  • We added “last modified by” information to the workspace homepage and to the analysis tab. This allows you to see who last modified different resources, like notebooks. 
  • Earlier this year we introduced a Cloud Environments page for Researcher Workbench users to view their active environment and persistent disks. We improved this page to make it easier to find and delete persistent disks across your environments in one place.  You can learn more about managing your persistent disk here

Bug fixes

  • We identified a bug in which some users could have multiple Persistent Disks attached to the same runtime, which has been resolved. We continue to iterate to simplify disk management. 


As always, please contact support@researchallofus.org if you have any questions or concerns with our most recent changes. Thank you for your support of the All of Us Research Program and Researcher Workbench!

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