What are the Technical Requirements for the Researcher Workbench?

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The Researcher Workbench uses Google Compute Engine (GCE) for computational resources in the cloud and Google Cloud Storage (GCS) for storage in the cloud. Signing up for the All of Us Researcher Workbench is free, and there are some technical requirements in order to use the platform with ease. Here are some FAQs about technical specifications to access the Researcher Workbench. 


Q: Is internet access required to access the All of Us Research Program dataset? Is a downloadable option available for offline use?

Internet access is required to login and access the Researcher Workbench and to view information on the Research Hub. There is no downloadable option for the Research Hub or Researcher Workbench as all data is securely stored on the cloud analysis platform. The Researcher Workbench protects participant data by enabling researchers to analyze All of Us data within the Researcher Workbench without taking the participant-level data out of the secure cloud environment. 


Q: What are the internet browser requirements for the Researcher Workbench?

Google Chrome Browser is the only officially support internet browser, but other Chromium based browsers may work (e.g. Microsoft Edge, etc.)


Q: What device specifications are recommended?

Laptops and desktops are officially supported devices, and the recommended device types to access the Researcher Workbench. 


Q: Can the Researcher Workbench be accessed from a public computer or public Wi-Fi?



Q: Are there any Wi-Fi network security or encryption requirements users must have to access the Researcher Workbench?



Q: Are there any antivirus or antimalware expectations for users of the Researcher Workbench?





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