v7 Curated Data Repository (CDR) Release Notes (2022Q4R9 versions)

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The All of Us Research Program released new Curated Data Repositories (CDRs) for Controlled and Registered Tier Data. The CDRs for both tiers (Controlled Tier C2022Q4R9; Registered Tier R2022Q4R9) will now include participant data with a cutoff date of 7/1/2022. Major changes are listed below.


Overview of Registered Tier (RT) changes

  • Participant number increased to over 413,000 with at least one type of associated Registered Tier data.
  • Physical measurement data from over 337,000 participants.
  • EHR data from over 287,000 participants.
  • Fitbit data from over 15,600 participants; this data now includes sleep and device data, in addition to activity, step counts and heart rate.
  • New Year Minute Survey data is available for over 33,000 participants and a revised Personal, Family Medical History (PFMH) survey.


Overview of Controlled Tier (CT) changes

Along with the RT changes listed above, additional changes include: 

  • Short read whole genome sequences (srWGS) for over 245,000 participants and microarray data from over 312,000 participants.
  • Long read sequencing variants from over 1,000 participants and short read structural variants from over 11,000 participants.
  • Introduction of the Hail VDS file format for srWGS data along with VCFs, Hail MatrixTables, and PLINK files for smaller callsets.


For detailed information regarding the CDR changes, please see the full release notes documents:


RT CDR Full Release Notes


CT CDR Full Release Notes

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