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Thank you for your interest in the All of Us Research Program and Researcher Workbench! The Researcher Workbench is the secure data analysis platform where you can access and analyze the All of Us data. Within the Researcher Workbench there are powerful tools to support data analysis and collaboration. This article serves as a guide to explore such tools and available resources within the Researcher Workbench and User Support Hub. As you navigate through your data analysis journey, we hope this guide will give you a comprehensive look into the All of Us dataset and how to use it.


Check out this interactable resource map with recommendations to get you up and running on the Researcher Workbench. Below the downloadable .pdf version is an interactive survey that you can use.

Resource Map .pdf 



Resource Map Survey



Below are some recommended Featured Workspaces to get you started with your project on the Researcher Workbench. These tutorial workspaces are great tools, and provide various code snippets and tips on working with the All of Us dataset.

Note: Login to the Researcher Workbench is required to access Featured Workspaces. 

OMOP Organized Data

Survey Data

Wearable Data and Physical Measurements 

Genomics Data


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