CDR Hotfix for v6 CDRs released 1/13/23

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The Researcher Workbench team released a hotfix for the All of Us Controlled and Registered Tier v6 Curated Data Repositories (CDRs) on 1/13/2023 to resolve identified data quality issues. As a result of the hotfix:
  • All data from 315 participants, including the participant IDs, were removed from both the Registered and Controlled Tier v6 CDRs
  • EHR data from 24 participants was removed from the Controlled Tier v6 CDR
  • EHR data from 21 participants was removed from the Registered Tier v6 CDR
We recommend that you re-run any of your notebooks as these changes in participant data counts may impact your analysis. For users who have published with these CDRs - no changes are needed because your analysis relies on the data at the time of publication.

The changes are reflected in the data dictionaries as well as release notes.

If you have any questions regarding the hotfix, please contact us at  

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