Updates to the All of Us Researcher Workbench Terms of Use

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We want to let you know of an upcoming update to the All Of Us Researcher Workbench General Terms of Use (“terms”) which apply to your continued use of our Services and Software. These changed terms are for Terra, the platform that the Researcher Workbench is built on, which are referenced in the All of Us Researcher Workbench Terms of Use. The terms will go into effect this Monday, January 9, 2023


To continue to use our Services and Software and access the Researcher Workbench, you need to accept the updated terms. You can accept the terms by clicking the banner you see when you log into your Workbench account that will appear beginning on Jan 9, 2023. There will be a two (2) week grace period, January 23, 2023, to accept the new terms.


If you do not accept the new terms by January 23, 2023 your active compute resources may be terminated. This would not lead to any loss of workspaces, notebooks, or data saved in a workspace bucket or persistent disk. If you plan on starting an analysis with an expected run-time exceeding two (2) weeks, we recommend submitting your analyses after you accept the updated terms so that this update does not interfere with your analyses.


If you have any questions or concerns about the new terms, please contact support@researchallofus.org.


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