December 2022 Release Notes

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Below are some updates we'd like to share from past two months: 

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Storage Browsing: We now allow you to use GCP tools to read metadata about the CDR bucket and your workspace buckets, instead of being limited to just using gsutil commands. Navigate to the “About” tab of your workspace and click the link under 'File Management' to browse files in the GCP Cloud Console. To learn more about how to access the workspace bucket, please visit this support article.


  • QIMEE2 Support: We added support for QIMEE2 to the Jupyter Image.


  • Check out our Featured Workspaces on the Researcher Workbench, including the Beginner Intro to AoU Data and the Workbench workspace, which is a tutorial workspace for beginners demonstrating how to use the workbench, and our new Long COVID Demonstration Project. 


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