October 2022 Release Notes

  • Updated

Below are some updates we'd like to share for the past two months.

  • Reorganized information into interactive tables: several sections have been reorganized so that information is displayed using interactive tables, which are easier to organize and read.


  • Search functions: more options for text searches in the Cohort Builder. For example, the search functionality for searching on survey criteria, concept sets, and Universal Search has been enhanced to take advantage of the wildcard character (*).  This will allow a user to search for specific results that begin or end with a certain search term.  For example, searching *statin will return all results that end with “statin”.


  • Multiple Cohort Review: previously, when a user created a review for a cohort, they were only able to create one review per cohort. Users are now able to create multiple reviews per cohort and will also be alerted if a review is outdated (for example, if participants no longer apply to a used cohort).


  • Information about preemptible workers: we added a tooltip to describe the preemptible worker option in the Dataproc configuration.


  • Check out three new featured workspaces on the Workbench, including a Data Wrangling tutorial, a FitBit demo, and a tutorial for beginners demonstrating how to analyze data in the Workbench.

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